Since when did men start worrying about penis size or has it always been that way?

February 26, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized · 9 Comments 
volcomsurfer10 asked:

Today, penis size matters to men. But was it like this in the 40′s and 50′s? Since when did men start worrying about penis size or has it just always been that way?

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How can I prevent my penis from cheating on my wife?

February 23, 2011 · Filed Under Marriage & Divorce · 12 Comments 
I’d Give My Life For Doritos asked:

I want to be faithful so bad with my mind, but when I get the oppurutnity to have sex with a woman my penis cheats on her. What are some tips to be more faithful and loving husband.

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Is it possible for the penis to grow larger after having sexual intercourse?

February 22, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized · 5 Comments 
rdud3x asked:

I’ve lost my virginity this year (19 years of age) and my girlfriend stated that my penis is large, but that in the 4 months that we have been having sex she has seen that is has grown larger. Is this possible?

What would happend to me if my penis foreskin started to drop off the head ?

February 22, 2011 · Filed Under Four Inches · 1 Comment 
George asked:

My penis foreskin was always attached to my penis head but recently I started to masturbate and the skin is slowly getting off my head.Is it normal? I’m 13 years old.

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How to treat fungus underneath penis and top part of testicles?

February 21, 2011 · Filed Under Skin Conditions · 7 Comments 
Larry K asked:

Penis’s under side gets red. Specially, if you rub, it becomes redder and very warm too. After masturbating, there are tiny cuts also at times, they really hurt. At the base of penis and top part of testicles are white flakes too.

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How much bigger will my penis get?

February 20, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized · 9 Comments 
Papas asked:

I am 13 years old with a 4.5 inch penis and I weigh 200 pounds but I am planning on losing weight how much weight show I lose so that my penis gets bigger? How much weight and how much bigger?
Does being kinda fat affect your penis size?


How long can penis enlargement surgery make a penis?

February 17, 2011 · Filed Under Pump Penis · 4 Comments 
Jordan asked:

I want to turn my 6 inch erect penis into a 8 or 9 inch erect penis with penis enlargement surgery.

Also, where do they get the extra penis tissue to insert into the penis?



February 14, 2011 · Filed Under Penis · 3 Comments 
b!tch asked:

is the size of ur penis half your shoe size cuz my shoe size is 12 and penis is about 6 inches. or is it about wat ur penis is supposed to be in length

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Is it normal for my penis to like get smaller and shrivel up while wearing a bathing suit?

February 12, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized · 9 Comments 
Totally Rad asked:

Whenever I wear one, my penis always gets small, and my balls get tiny. I can never have a normal sized penis when I’m wearing it.

Why does this happen?

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What is the best way to bandage your penis?

February 12, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized · 7 Comments 
Jason asked:

I recently had a dumb accident and got my penis stuck in the zipper. The zipper left a tiny cut on the sensitive part just below the head of the penis. I have some anticeptic cream I want to use to make sure it does not get infected but I am not sure how to bandage it.

Can I use a normal bandaid on it, or gauss and tape? I just dont want to do damage to the rest of my penis when I take off the bandaging.

Please help me, serious responses only please since this is a serious question.
A scene straight out of “Theres something about mary”

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